California Local Streets and Roads Statewide Needs Assessment Project
Streets & Roads at Crisis Point
The latest survey results identified a funding shortfall of over $82 billion over the next 10 years. This information will be used to protect existing state funding for local streets and roads and to advocate for more funding.

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Transportation funding is still at risk. We need your help to make sure that the Governor and Legislature continue to be aware of the critical funding shortfall, and to let them know the consequences of deferring or reducing transportation funds for Cities and Counties.
Your Help is Needed Again!
We need you to update the data you provided in 2012, or provide new data. In particular, we need information on the:
  • Contact person(s) for your agency
  • Pavement condition data
  • Safety, traffic and regulatory data
    (e.g. sidewalks, storm drains, ADA ramps, streetlights, etc.)
  • Funding/expenditure projections

Survey Closed.

Many cities and counties contributed funding to this study. These agencies have accepted the leadership responsibility of completing this study.

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